Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watch Out for “killer” Work Places

Work places have always been synonymous to life because it is here where we earn our bucks for survival. But what if your office will endanger your life, would you still want to work at all?
With the advent of modern technology and modernization, we were made to believe that life would become easier – living and working conditions better. Most offices are housed in state-of-the- art buildings yet thousands of companies remain housed in old, dilapidated and unsafe structures, putting the health of their employees at risk.

Health experts warned that the “sick building syndrome” continue to plagued millions of employees. They feel sick or run down every time these employees work overtime.
While some cases of sick building syndrome are more serious than others, in many instances relief can be found with better maintenance. At the same time, getting rid of mold and mildew, even adding house plants to the surroundings can provide remedy.

In some office buildings, experts added, the biggest problem is with indoor air quality.
They said poor indoor air quality or other pollutant and toxin problems can leave workers suffering from such acute health problems as eye, throat and nose irritation, headaches, coughing, dizziness and nausea.

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Other office “killers”

In most offices structures, outdoor air supply is cut down and re-circulated which causes "stale air syndrome."

Besides stuffy air, other chemicals and toxins can cause trouble at work. These include indoor toxins from copy machines, cleaning agents and pesticides.

Combustion byproducts from nearby buildings or garages also pose danger to the offices.
Viruses, molds, pollen and bacteria can hide in stagnant water that accumulates on carpets or in ceiling tiles and are also hazardous.

Even new carpets and furnishings are not at completely safe. Treatments used on them can "off-gas" and emit allergy-producing chemicals, heightening problems for people who already have allergies or asthma.

Employers are then encouraged to conduct a regular evaluation of their office structures to maintain a healthy environment for their employees. Aside from maintenance and repairs, which might be too costly if done all the time, they can opt for simple measures which help eliminate the problem.

Adding decorative plants inside the offices can help filter out pollutants. Plants including lady palm, areca palm, bamboo palm, rubber plants and dracaenas are best in combating office and even home pollutants, experts said.

If you feel dizzy or drowsy at work for no reason at all, it is best to ask your boss how well maintained the office air system is. But make sure to ask properly otherwise you might totally run out of job.

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